Isum 2017
27 de Febrero al 3 de Marzo del 2017
Hotel Presidente Intercontinental
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
8th International Supercomputing Conference In Mexico
Living in a new world of "brontus"
data with Supercomputing at hand



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  • Cluster Grid and Cloud Computing for Architectures in Industry.
  • Applications for Science, Engineering, Health, Scientific Visualization, Simulation and Modeling.
  • Parallel Processing , Algorithms and Techniques in GPGPU and CPU.
  • Tools and Environments for High Performance System Engineering, Software Tools, Programming Tools, Virtualization.
  • Systems to solve Complex problems in Academic and Scientific Research fields.
  • Emerging and New Technologies for Petascale / Exascale Technologies.
  • Green Computing
  • Uses HPC in Big Data, Analytics, Smart Cities and Internet of Things (HPC-IoT).
  • HPC Storage and Analysis.
  • High Speed Networks to HPC.
  • HPC for Business Computing, Oil, Gas, Power and Energy Industry.